Welcome to United Paints

We are a sustainable New Zealand owned paint and coating manufacturing company that is trusted and known to provide superior coatings and service solutions to our customers across New Zealand.

We specialize in 'light industrial' coatings offering a comprehensive range of metal primers and topcoats, along with wood lacquers, solvent blends, and aqueous decorative coatings.  We supplement our main product lines with a tinting service for those difficult to find colours and offer an ASAP approach to delivery of the finished product. Our products are of a superior quality and are used across many sectors of New Zealand such as Agriculture, Construction, Fabrication, Shipping and Commercial Factories.

We also engineer coatings to specific customer requirements.  We address problems that can occur with common applications such as dipping, electrostatic and airless sprays, at the time of manufacture. Consistency is paramount at United Paints and our in house quality control systems operate with very narrow limits.

We consider our service to be unequaled: we process tints, under normal circumstances within two days, and run daily courier services around Auckland, Palmerston North, and Christchurch. Freight to most other destinations is overnight.

Contact us and our friendly sales representative in your area today will prove the quality and service of United Paints.

We specialize in:

• Metal Primers
• Fast Dry Enamels
• Gloss Enamels
• 2 pack urethane
• ISO free urethane
• Epoxies
• Radiator black
• Container Coatings
• Baking Enamels
• Roof Coatings
• Decorative Coatings
• Floor Coatings
• Driveway Sealer
• Fence Stain

These products are commonly used
by the following market sectors:

• Structural Steel Fabrication Shops
• Agriculture Machinery Manufacturers
• Abrasive Blasting Industry
• Container Refurbish Industry
• Roof Coating
• Building
• Heavy Machinery Repaints
• Radiator Repairers
• Joiners




United Paints Industrial Coatings